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Master Finish was the first certified DecoKlad applicator in the United States for MacDermid Enthone Fashion Finishes.  DecoKlad assures a global consistent performance at a local level, meeting the global OEM requirements from certified applicators. Fashion Finishes offer greater color choices than ever before including Fashion Finishes Twilite® and Starlite® dark chrome coatings for new, exciting color options and uncompromising application performance.

Plating Bath Chemistry Control

Our TrueChem Plating bath chemical control system keeps chemistries consistent.

Automated Process Control

Our rack plating line has been upgraded with new computer programmable hoists giving us tighter process control and reduced scrap.

ReplaChrome Chrome Replacement Technology

Barrel plating technology with the look of bright chrome.

Trivalent Chromium Technology

We can now deposit chrome without using environmentally hazardous hexavalent chrome plating solutions. Both bright and dark colors are available.

Satin Chrome Process

“Low Luster Chrome” appearance with adjustable gloss level from flat dull to mirror bright.

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