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If you are seeking a metal finisher to handle your decorative metal plating and related finishing needs, look no further than Master Finish Company.

Decorative Plating of Metal Components is Our Specialty

We are a Michigan-based high-volume metal finisher serving OEM manufacturers with plating needs throughout the United States and Canada.



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Our experience as a metal finisher includes metal plating with decorative chromecoppernickel, and nickel-chrome. Plating can be performed on a full range of metal substrates including steel, brass, zinc die-cast and stainless steel.

Master Finish Company also offers preplate finishing processes such as passivationpolishing and buffing, and vibratory finishing to make the base metal more smooth, even, and receptive to plating.

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Meet our Leadership Team!

John Mulder

John Mulder


Aaron Mulder

Aaron Mulder


Kevin Steele

Kevin Steele

Operations Manager

Gordan Lozic

Gordan Lozic

Quality Manager

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett


Our Story

Master Finish is a third-generation family business founded in 1959 by John Mulder. Master Finish began its work tumble finishing parts and added plating operations in the 1960’s. Over the last 60 years we have seen many great technological changes to the industry. Chrome plated parts now last longer retaining their original brilliance improving life cycles of the products we plate. Chemical improvements allow better appearance and corrosion protection than any time in the past. Automated controls improve the accuracy and repeatability of the finishes we now provide. Our 60 years in serving metal manufacturers’ plating needs have kept up our solid reputation as a high-quality metal finisher. The last decade has been one of options in finishing. Chrome plating in today’s world offers a host of different appearances with available satin nickels and dark trivalent chrome options. The future of Master Finish certainly looks to be full of great finishing opportunities for our broad customer base. We are thrilled to be able to serve you with your finishing needs!

Metal Finisher for OEM

Postplate services include painting, dehydrogenation and PVD coating.



Passivation Process: Nitric Acid vs. Citric Acid

Master Finish offers passivation services using Nitric acid. This service uses the chemistry that we have in place for cleaning and stripping the plating racks we use for our chrome plating lines. Passivation is a chemical process used to improve the corrosion...

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety: The Advantages of a Central Chemical Feeder System in Electroplating

In the intricate world of electroplating, every detail matters. From the composition of the chemicals to the efficiency of the equipment, each element plays a crucial role in achieving high-quality finishes and ensuring operational safety. One often overlooked, yet...

65 Years of Excellence and Environmental Stewardship

As we commemorate the 65th anniversary of Master Finish Company, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage, our unwavering commitment to quality, and our deep-seated respect for the environment. Our journey, deeply interwoven with the fabric of Grand...

An Interview with John Mulder, Master Finish

BY SCOTT FRANCIS Editor-In-Chief, Gardner Business Media John Mulder, president of Master Finish of Grand Rapids, Mich., discusses his company’s experience with trivalent chromium and offers advice for those thinking of transitioning their current hexavalent chromium...

Decoding Chrome Plating: A Guide to Decorative vs. Industrial Chrome Plating

Understanding the Basics of Decorative Chrome Plating Before we dive into the specifics, let’s grasp the fundamentals. Chrome plating is a process that involves electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. This not only enhances the appearance but also...

Understanding the Difference Between Electroless and Electrolytic Nickel Plating

When it comes to metal plating, nickel is one of the most commonly used materials due to its excellent corrosion resistance and versatile properties. However, there are different techniques for applying nickel plating, with two primary methods being electroless and...

Proven Process

Master Finish has been on a journey using EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) to manage all the critical elements of our business.  We started on this Journey in 2016 and have found it instrumental to our success in so many ways.  It helps set a framework in...

Streamlining Success

How Master Finish Implemented Automation to Improve Production and Boost Customer Satisfaction As companies in the manufacturing industry face increasing challenges with production labor, it is becoming more critical to automate tedious tasks that are currently being...


Automation   Automation vs. Manual Processing for data and traceability. Machine data available from automated plating lines helps the team at Master Finish diagnose and correct plating issues on the fly to reduce scrap. The data on each motion in the plating...

Cyclemaster Remastered

Cyclemaster Remastered   Master Finish’s new plating line is now ready for business. Back before the pandemic swept the country and production plating demands were at an all time high Master Finish invested into a new state of the art automated rack plating line...