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Metal Polishing & Buffing

Class-A metal surfaces often require polishing and buffing prior to decorative plating. Abrasive belt polishing is used to remove parting lines from castings and burrs from steel stampings. Show surfaces of the metal are then buffed to a smooth high luster by rouge compounds applied under the pressure of rotating fiber wheels.

Master  Finish Company employs several types of automated buffing machines. These include rotary indexing and continuous spindles, racetrack, over-under, and even robotic cells. This wide variety of equipment allows us to match your part design and production volumes to the equipment best capable of efficiently processing it. We also use manual equipment for small lots, and R&D work.

Master Finish has its polishing and buffing work done off site. Buffing and polishing operations create fine particles of dust that become suspended in the air. Plating shops are required to exhaust air off the tops of some plating solutions. The exhaust fans draw a flow of air within the plating shop, moving it toward the plating line and bringing any suspended particulate with it. These suspended particles can cause contamination of plating baths, which adversely affects the quality of your plated finish. For superior plating quality polishing and buffing operations must be removed from the plating plant.

Master Finish is a Large Volume Producer Serving OEM Manufacturers.

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