Celebrating 60 Years

Following WWII, John Mulder and his high school friend, Wally Reed, started a metal finishing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wally was the salesman, selling metal finishing equipment and supplies to metal manufacturing firms. John led the metal finishing job shop side of the business. Several years later, in 1959, they dissolved their partnership. Wally set up his own equipment supply sales business and John Mulder establishing Master Finish Co. as a metal finishing job shop providing deburring and burnishing services to metal manufacturing firms. John remained president of Master Finish until his retirement in 1985 when he turned the reins over to his sons, Dale and Mike, and his nephew, Doug. Dale led the company until 2018 when his sons, John and Aaron, purchased Dale’s equity.

John and Aaron had been raised in a family encouraging
their entrepreneurial spirit. After earning their engineering degrees, both
started their careers at manufacturing businesses outside of Master Finish,
gaining business and technical experience. After 10 years working outside the
family business, they were ready to join Master Finish Company, bringing their
education, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to direct the company’s future
success. Following EOS Business Model, John acts as the company “visionary”
serving as President. And Aaron’s role as “integrator” puts him in charge of
all day-to-day operations as our CEO.

Master Finish is a third-generation family business founded in 1959 by John Mulder. Over the last 60 years, we have seen many great technological changes to the industry. Chrome plated parts now last longer retaining their original brilliance improving life cycles of the products we plate. Chemical improvements allow better appearance and corrosion protection than any time in the past. Automated controls improve the accuracy and repeatability of the finishes we now provide. Our 60 years in serving metal manufacturers’ plating needs have kept up our solid reputation as a high-quality metal finisher. The last decade has been one of options in finishing. Chrome plating in today’s world offers a host of different appearances with available satin nickels and dark trivalent chrome options. The future of Master Finish certainly looks to be full of great finishing opportunities for our broad customer base. We are thrilled to be able to serve you with your finishing needs!

Master Finish Receives MacDermid Enthone DecoKlad License

This license makes the Michigan shop the first DecoKlad applicator in the Americas and the fourth to be certified globally in the program. Master Finish Co. has been awarded a license from MacDermid Enthone that makes it the first DecoKlad applicator in the Americas...

Welcome to the Team!

Please join us in welcoming Galvano to the Master Finish team. He plays an important role at Master Finish. He is our newest addition that demonstrates the quality of the plant wastewater Master Finish sends back to the city of Grand Rapids POTW. Galvano is named...

Eclipse Black Chrome

The Eclipse Black Chrome is truly one of its kind. This type of chrome plating is the darkest black chrome on the market and Master Finish is one of the first companies in North America to put it into production. This specialized plating system offers a variety of...

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment At Master Finish, we are committed to being good stewards of the environment. We don’t only want to comply with legal requirements, but go above and beyond in making sure we minimize our operation’s...

SHOP PROFILE: Master Finish’s 3rd Gen Adds 3rd Line to Increase Capacity

SHOP PROFILE: Master Finish’s 3rd Gen Adds 3rd Line to Increase Capacity This post originally appeared on  How apropos that a third-generation finishing operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is celebrating the installation of its...